Digital Product and Technology Consultant

I'm James, and I help companies build new digital products by helping connect initial ideas to viable product strategy and execution. I can help you with:

  • Product Strategy
    You have your idea and it's a good one, but what are the next steps? I can help take your initial product idea and turn it into a viable, well-defined product strategy and plan for execution.
  • Development
    New product development, particularly with outsourced development teams, can be very risky. It's easy to accidentally employ the wrong team, build the wrong thing, build it in the wrong way or just take far too long to get anything at all delivered. I can help in this process by vetting new teams, auditing technical architecture and code, and making sure that expectations are set correctly throughout the delivery process from start to finish.

Empowered Agile

In June 21 I wrote an article on the failings of Agile as commonly practiced in new product development, identifying the need for and proposing a new approach.